New York Limo Rental Guide

Limousine Service

Do you have a special function, occasion or party that requires a memorable luxury journey? It’s now possible to hire one or more limousine cars in New York City. A wide range of luxury cars is available to choose the one that best suits your event and budget conveniently. The common types of limousines in New York include limo bus, customized limousines, stretch limousines, classic limos etc.

Each has a different carrying capacity and is designed to meet the requirements of specific events. Also, many companies are out to offer limo rentals in New York. his may pose some difficulties while renting the most suitable limo for your event. Here is a simple guideline which will aid you in making the right decision.

Your budget limit-each type of limo has different charge rates considering their features, passage capacity, model, class, etc. Some limo services offer a minimum of three hours and maximum time of your choice.

If the event is not that formal, stretch SUV limos can be your best choice. For instance, family retreats, football match, night out with pals, or any other group with unofficial events, this specific limo will give you the best comfort at reasonable a cost. They have high carrying capacity (18 passengers and over).

For party events, the best option is limo buses. This stretched limo can carry over 22 passengers with maximum comfort. Its huge space allows you to have all sorts’ fun. They are fitted with huge LCD screens, disco lights, sun roof, mirrored roof, great sound systems, refrigerators and other features to make party events lively. They have a significant height to allow people to walk or dance in them comfortably.

Are you looking for those rare class limousines? Then a classic limo should be your choice. These are rented by high class individuals in New York. People rent them to show their status, showoff or for elegance. They are expensive to hire.

Some events like wedding come only once in a life time and thus brides work hard to make their wedding show distinct and memorable. Would you like to rent a limo for your wedding? The definite choice is the customized limo. These limos are specially decorated with multicolor lights, sounds and dim lightings to offer a romantic atmosphere for your love. Floral decorations may be included at your will.

Business and official functions are not left out. Stretch limousines come in different sizes to meet business needs at the minimal cost possible. Corporate limos are customized to meet official functions like discussion, demonstration, and speech.

Now that you have this information at you finger tips, New York limo rental is no more a problem.