Common Questions About Pool Service And Maintenance In Houston

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If you’re the owner of pool, you know that it’s important to keep the correct amount of chemicals in your pool to keep the water clear and free of algae. In addition to adding the right amount of chemicals, you also need to keep your pool pump and heater running efficiently. If your pump malfunctions, it won’t be long before your water turns green despite all of the chemicals you use. To make sure that your equipment is performing as it should, contact a Pool Service Houston area professional to regularly inspect your pool pump.

Q.) What kind of regular maintenance should I do on my pool pump?

A.) As long as your pump is running as it should be, the only thing that you need to do on a regular basis is to empty the skimmer basket. This takes only a few minutes a day and it will help to keep your pool clean. When cleaning the basket, feel the area from the pump to the basket to make sure that nothing is stuck inside.

Q.) My pool pump is leaking water, can I fix it myself or do I need to call a professional?

A.) This all depends on why your pump is leaking and how handy you are with a wrench. Inspect the plugs and if they’re dripping water, tighten them with the wrench until the water stops dripping. If the leak is coming from the large threaded fitting at the top of the pump, it’s likely that you’ll need to purchase a new one and have it replaced. You can also check the seal on the motor and if it’s broken or worn, you’ll need to purchase a replacement seal.

If your pump stops running completely, you may have a problem with the motor. If you don’t want to try and fix it yourself, you can call a Pool Service Houston professional to come to your home, inspect your pump and make the necessary repairs. Cryer Pools & Spas Inc offers sales, repair and maintenance of above ground pools, hot tubs and spas. Visit their website at to view their inventory and to check out their money saving coupon specials.