New Treatments to Stop Clenching Teeth that Causes Many Issues

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There are a number of disorders involving the joint that causes the skull to attach to the jawbone. This TMJ is the temporomandibular joint considered to be like any orthopedic joint, and it is largely responsible for our ability to move our jaw normally to chew, eat and speak. When something in these intricate smaller joints become worn, compressed or otherwise adversely changed, the result can bring many debilitating symptoms that can include severe jaw/ear area pain, ringing in the ears, sound distortions, tension related headaches, some forms of migraines, facial pain or paralysis, swelling, tooth pain, and many others.

Many people are unaware of how many factors can be related to simple habits or body motions like clenching teeth in Tampa, FL TMJ specialists have long studied and now treat. This narrow field of medicine requires the specialist to take advanced training to learn all of the minute details involved with disorders like the above mentioned one. Another term commonly encountered in this field includes temporomandibular dysfunction or TMD. This involves the entire TMJ joint, supportive muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments in this small region. There are some signs to watch for that include popping or clicking noises near the front of the ears, ear pain, lockjaw, neck or shoulder related pain and even muscle spasms.

The recommended treatments for these TMJ or TMD disorders can include a number of therapies, surgeries, medications, relaxation therapies, stress reduction methods and customized oral appliances. Each patient with these disorders present with completely unique versions of the many options in these disorders. The treatment too needs to be highly personalized for it to work on each patient. If you find yourself often clenching teeth Tampa FL TMJ and sleep disorder specialists can help. Contact Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center at