Do You Really Need A CPA To Handle Small Business Tax Issues?


When you own a small business in Prescott and you determine it’s time to bring in the help of a professional tax accountant, you might grab your smart phone and punch in “Accountant Prescott” to find a provider.

You’ll discover droves of possibilities, but you’ll also quickly see that many accounts are also CPAs, Certified Public Accountants. Most small business owners probably think hiring a more expensive CPA is simply not necessary. But this is an issue that certainly deserves another look.

For example, a CPA is a tax professional who is required to maintain a license. To hold that license, the accountant must constantly update their education to stay abreast of standards and regulations. Certification for CPAs is rigorous. The same standard is not required of an ordinary accountant.

The bottom line is, a CPA brings to the table an incredibly high degree of competence and confidence in handling tax issues – and that can save small business owners a lot of money – not to mention keeping them out of trouble with the IRS.

Consider also that some CPAs specialize in small business taxes. As you may know, small businesses must conform to a variety of codes and other tax laws that private citizens never have to consider. This means a small-business CPA specialist can handle key tax issues with exacting proficiency. Again, the difference in knowledge and training compared to ordinary accountants is truly substantial.

Finally, a Prescott CPA is more than the person gets your taxes done. They deliver an important extra – the knowledge of a financial analyst. They can uncover aspects of your business that even the business owner cannot see. That translates into usable information which can increase profits, slash costs and improve the bottom line by a significant margin.

Thus, for small business owners, “accountant Prescott” might better be searched as, “Accountant CPA Prescott.”

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