What You Need to Know About Concrete Demolition in Minneapolis

Construction and Maintenance

Concrete is a building material whose components are sand, gravel or broken stones, cement and water. Upon drying, the result is a tough and hardened mass.

When to Hire Concrete Demolition Services

The world is dynamic and ever-changing; by extension, so are our needs. We constantly need to develop our environment either by necessity or for aesthetic appeal. Such changes may include some extra rooms, a passage, a staircase or even increased parking space. Whatever the need, concrete demolition makes these all possible.

At times, your building or wall has wide and deep cracks, and the concrete slabs have sunk. In such cases, it is not worth repairing. Patching would only be a temporary fix, like putting a Band-Aid over a deep cut that needs stitches.

Concrete Demolition Methods

There are various environmental safeguards that have been put in place to ensure methods used during Concrete Demolition Minneapolis do not cause adverse effects to the surroundings. Traditional methods of concrete demolition have, therefore, been shelved to pave way for more Eco-friendly methods such as:

1. Expansive grouts: This is the use of a chemical agent that results in dust-free, non-explosive demolition.

2. Micro-blasting: This is the breaking of concrete from the inside and in a controlled manner.

3. Hydro-demolition: This is a method of cutting concrete with water using various devices.

What to Do with Demolished Concrete

We live in the age of recycling. Contractors are incorporating recycling, therefore reducing costs incurred during disposal. People are also looking for creative ways to re-purpose old concrete in new construction. Broken pieces of concrete collected from demolition sites is known as urbanite, and it can be used on walkways, patios as well as flowerbeds.

When hiring a company for Concrete Demolition Minneapolis, it is important to consider a number of factors. For instance, the demolition company:

1. Should already have a solid reputation within the industry.

2. Ought to consist of a team of trained professionals.

3. Should, ideally, apply state of the art solutions.

Nitti Roll-off services Inc. is one such company; consisting of a team of dedicated professionals who offer concrete demolition services for residential and commercial buildings, as well as any other structure that you may need to be brought down in a safe manner.