What You Need To Know About Bee Infestations And When To Call In Professional Bee Removal In Tempe

Pest Control

Bee infestations in the home can be highly disruptive. Bees love to make their nests in wood structures, making most homes a target. If you believe bees have built a nest in your home, there are some key concepts to be aware of.

When Removal Is Necessary

Although they are a nuisance to humans, bees are a very important part of the ecosystem. If you have a vegetable or flower garden, bees will work hard to keep the plants pollinated and kill other pests that threaten the plants. As a bonus, you may be able to retrieve some delicious honey for yourself. If they are not causing a problem, you may be better served by letting them stay. However, if the nest is inside or too close to the house, or if a family member is allergic to bee stings, it will be best to remove them.

Difference Between Swarms And Nests

Before bees settle and build a nest, a smaller swarm of scouts will show up first. These swarms will usually only stay around for about four days before moving on. However, if they stay longer than five days, they are probably planning to stay. If they are in the home, try to flush them out quickly, before they get established. If you can not get rid of them within a week, you will likely need professional Bee Removal in Tempe to do the job.

How To Remove A Nest

First contact a local beekeeper and see if they are interested in taking the bees. They often will do it for a small fee, or free of charge because they keep the honey. If none are willing, you will need to call a professional.

Doing The Job Yourself

To do this, put on many layers of clothing, covering your head and face with hats and scarves as much as possible. If they are aggressive, spray the nest with a high grade insecticide to kill as many bugs as possible. Then remove the next and submerge it for twenty minutes in soapy water to drown the queen and any other bees.

While possible, it is rarely advisable to try removing a bee’s nest yourself. Bees are dangerous and will fight to defend their nest. It is almost always best to hire professional Bee Removal in Tempe, such as Cummings Termite and Pest Control.