Why it Can be Good to Eschew Brick Pavers in Favor of Paving Stones in Suffolk County

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Brick pavers have taken the landscaping world by storm, but when you want an area to truly look upscale, the best solution is still paving stones in Suffolk County. Natural stone is best at providing an upscale look for a number of reasons. Its appearance is the most obvious of these. Stone has a look of natural beauty that leaves other options in the dust. Another factor is that it must be hewn into the proper shapes rather than merely molded. A stone patio is assumed to have more work involved in its production, and this gives it panache.

The actual installation of paving stones used to be another labor-intensive process that added both prestige and expense to the project. Now, however, many types of paving stones in Suffolk County are made so that the installation is much easier than it once was. This is done by cutting the stones so that they are always at specific dimensions that fit together well right from the start. Some solutions even attach the stones to backings. These techniques can make it as easy to lay paving stones as it is to use brick pavers.

Another paving stone solution that has gotten much better over the last decade or so is imitation stone. This type of stone is made of concrete that is shaped and dyed to look like the real thing. The shaping and coloring can be done at the factory, or it can be done on-site for a more custom look.

With both natural stone and concrete or composite alternatives, care must be taken to make sure that the end result doesn’t look overly engineered. Repeating patterns, the use of only a few shapes, and overly-similar colorations all make a surface look man-made, and someone who knows what to look for will spot these things instantly.

Some repetition is unavoidable when a molded material is used, but varying the pattern to avoid obvious “tiling” helps greatly. Be careful with real stone, too. When it’s all carved the same way, it can come out looking artificial. Leave some of nature’s randomness intact to present a realistic look.