Need a Loan? Check Out the Pawn Shops in Chicago

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Financial service

Maybe you need money and your credit rating is not good. Do you know you can get a no penalty loan at one of the Pawn Shops in Chicago? They don’t do credit checks and they treat every customer they have with respect. The loan you’re going to receive will be on collateral you leave with them. Collateral, in the form of watches and other jewelry, along with electronics or something you have of value. You repay the loan in a certain time period and you get your collateral back. If you don’t pay and you don’t receive your precious item back, it’s sold to recover the money loaned to you.

Whether you want to pawn what you have or buy jewelry that others have left for a bargain price, you can do it at a pawn shop. If you want to sell items you have or trade something you’re not using for something you do want, here is where you can do it. These are win-win situations for everyone involved. When you are searching for Pawn Shops in Chicago, find one that is licensed, bonded and insured and you’ll know your merchandise is safe because they say it is. Whether you have artwork, collectibles, gaming consoles, games, rare coins, silver coins, all gold, platinum and silver can be purchased or a loan taken out on it.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to sell anything. You can just get the money you need, pay the loan and pick up the item you left with them. You can even renew your loan from the 30 – 60 day loan it was and start over again. If you have a gold item, for instance, it will be evaluated for you free of charge and you’ll be given instant cash that will help you out in whatever emergency you’re facing, without having to worry about your credit rating.

When you visit the Website, click on the FAQs and read the questions other people have asked. You’ll see what the fees are for a 30 day loan, verses what a bank charges for an NSF check. You’ll see that it’s advantageous to take out a short term loan with one of the Pawn Shops in Chicago and not be faced with the extra fees a bank or credit card charges.

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