Information on Dental Implants in Allen Park


Missing teeth can occur for a variety of reasons, leaving you embarrassed to smile and self-conscious about your appearance. Aside from the cosmetic issues, this can also cause issues with you being able to chew your food properly or being able to speak some sounds and words. If you are someone who is missing teeth, there are now more treatment options than ever. This will give you back those missing teeth, improving your smile and your function.

With Dental Implants in Allen Park, you can have the smile that you have been missing. This surgical procedure can be accomplished in much less time than you might imagine, giving you back those teeth that you are missing.

You will first be examined for the implant process. The dentist will examine your teeth and you will have X-rays done. Through the exam and X-ray, your dentist will be able to ensure that you are a good candidate for implants.

The procedure for getting implants involves the implantation of metal anchors into the gum sockets. This part of the procedure is a surgical procedure and involves the use of anesthesia. Depending on how many dental implants you are receiving, you will either have general or local anesthesia.

Once your gums have healed from the anchors being implanted, your teeth can be put in place. The healing process normally takes around three weeks. Once your teeth are placed on the anchors, they will be carefully shaped, to ensure that they fit in well with the rest of your teeth and that your bite is not compromised.

By having implants put in, you can regain your confidence and not feel ashamed to smile. This will improve your digestion because you will be able to chew your food properly.

You will be amazed at how much better you will look and feel once you have had the implant procedure done. If you are interested in getting implants, contact your dentist and schedule a consultation today. This will help you get started on regaining your smile. Though insurance companies vary and all do not cover this procedure, your dentist has financing plans that can help.