Multiple applications of Ion Implantation Services

Medical Supply

Ion implantation is a surfacing technology that dramatically and permanently improves features like hardness and wears resistance, but without altering the underlying properties of the device, such as its structural integrity or temperature sensitivity. Because of the ability of ion implantation to provide a harder, more resilient surface, the technique is commonly used in medical technologies. One of the most common applications of ion implantation services is for orthopedic prostheses. However, ion implantation services can be used for any industry sector.

It is important to use ion implantation services in many medical and dental technologies because medical and dental prostheses need a harder and more resilient surface to resist friction and corrosion. Recent advancements in medical catheter technologies have made ion implantation services critical for silicone rubber catheters. Ion implantation services can increase the safety, reliability, and durability of medical technologies.

In addition to the biotechnology applications of the service, ion implantation has become critical to a number of industrial sectors. The ion implantation services provided by N2Bio can be used in the aerospace and automotive industries, not only for specialized parts but also for drill bits, cutting edges and surfaces, and manufacturing tools. With a relatively innocuous change to the surface of the material, its physical properties are dramatically transformed. Adding ion implantation services to your products adds value and increases the overall quality for the end user.

Although ion implantation is not the only advanced surfacing technology available from companies like N2Bio, it has become increasingly common because it is so versatile a service. Ion implantation services are customizable, with each ion implantation service tailored to the specific object and specifications of the client. Ion implantation services are applicable for practically any base substance including ceramic, rubber, steel, polymer, and composite materials.