MRI High Field in Riverhead, NY: How It Works


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, produces a strong magnetic field to create detailed and precise images of organs and tissues on a computer. However, traditional MRIs are now being replaced with open MRI scanners. These scanners alleviate the anxiety and claustrophobia that were experienced by some patients in the closed and older scanners.

One of the Newest Advances in MRI Imaging

Today, one of the newest models—an MRI high field in Riverhead, NY—makes it possible for a larger or claustrophobic patient to receive a better-quality image while feeling more comfortable about the process.

Benefits of Using the Equipment

This type of scanner offers the following benefits:

  • This open MRI offers and large and unobstructed view (no more claustrophobic feelings)
  • A wide patient table is featured – made to accommodate patients that weigh as much as 650 pounds
  • The field strength is four times stronger than a regular open MRI scanner, which also leads to the creation of more detailed and clearer pictures
  • Faster imaging – twice as fast as some of the lower field-strength models
  • Reduction of the feeling of motion during scanning, thereby making an MRI high field ideal for children

Making Imaging Simpler

Whether you are larger and want to feel more comfortable during an exam or wish to avoid feelings of claustrophobia, an MRI high field scan is designed perfectly for you. Anyone who has a hard time sitting still will also like this diagnostic tool, as it takes images quickly. In addition, the tool provides more definitive and accurate pictures, which makes assessments much easier.

By taking advantage of these new tools, patients can feel more confident about their treatment plans and less anxious about the process. When you have this type of assurance, you can go forward with your treatment with a more positive outlook.

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