What does an MRI detect?


There are two different strength MRIs, low field and MRI high field in Riverhead NY. Although they both are used to detect certain abnormalities in a person, the results of a high field strength MRI have been found to provide better resolution which in turn allows for a more accurate interpretation of the results.

Both low and high field MRIs are non-invasive methods of getting accurate images of organs, bone and tissue. MRI tests are called for by physicians in an attempt to better diagnose a potential disease and to help the physician plan the course of treatment.

There are two types of MRI machines, one is a long tubular device and the other is open. The more common machine is the cylindrical tube where the patient is slid inside the tube and surrounded by a magnet. People who have a tendency to suffer claustrophobia will normally have the test conducted in an open machine which does not confine the patient.

An MRI high field in Riverhead NY can be used for many different reasons; it could be that the patient is suffering from joint problems or abdominal pains. The MRI is used to get a clear look at a patient’s heart; the results of the imaging test will show the heart in full detail, including the muscles, valves and chambers. This test is very helpful to a physician to determine the damage that the heart has suffered after a recent heart attack.

An MRI is often called for when a patient is brought into the hospital emergency ward, having been in a major accident where there appears to be significant trauma to the head. The MRI can detect any injuries to nerves as well as any internal bleeding in the skull. The benefit of the MRI in this situation is that corrective action can be taken quickly as time is of the essence in these situations. An MRI high field in Riverhead NY is also used for people who have suffered a stroke or an aneurysm to allow for an evaluation of the damage to the patient’s brain.

Modern medicine relies heavily on state of the art equipment to conduct tests such as high field MRIs and CT scans.

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