Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Aluminum Busbar Suppliers


More electricians and electrical contractors are moving to aluminum from the traditional types of copper busbars used from the 1970s onwards. While copper offered a lightweight and relatively durable option, working with copper was costly and also had its limitations.

This created a very real demand for lower cost aluminum busbar. This could be used in both horizontal profile systems with vertical connections. It also made it possible to accommodate a range of different current ratings with ease.

The increase in demand for this material created a need to find reliable aluminum busbar suppliers. Simply using standard electrical contract suppliers often cause more problems with in-stock inventory, inability to get quantities of busbar required and even issues with the quality of the busbar delivered.

If you are in the market for aluminum busbar, there are some important mistakes to avoid when comparing aluminum busbar suppliers.

Quality of Aluminum

Often very low prices offered by aluminum busbar suppliers means a lack of quality control. These companies, often suppliers and not manufacturers, may buy from both domestic and international mills, which can result in variability in the aluminum and the processing between orders.

When there is variation, it can create problems with weldability as well as the conductivity of the busbar. As this variation will result in the need for replacing components at some point, the slight cost savings can easily end up costing you money.

Delivery and Service Focus

It is also important to avoid the mistake of not talking to the supplier about their shipping practices and their customer support. Some suppliers will be able to provide value added services such as cutting to length, machining or even assisting your staff in choosing the correct alloy for specific types of applications. For a full range of services, avoid the supplier that are limited in their ability to act as an asset for your company. Quality suppliers make it a focus to provide quality customer service that benefits their customers both large and small.