Missing Grout or Brick Cracks Are Signs of a Shifting Foundation That needs Immediate Attention

Foundation Repair

One of the most important components of your home or building is its foundation. The foundation provides the support that holds the rest of the structure together. When the building is constructed the foundation is set over packed earth to provide the support it requires. In some cases the contractor will provide a drainage system to ensure the underlying soil doesn’t get washed away during heavy storms or from a rising water table. Water control is also one reason that homes should always have functional gutters. Gutter systems allow control over where the water drains and how it is directed away from the foundation.

You can usually tell when you have foundation problems. As the foundation begins to shift it puts stress on various parts of the building. This stress can cause all sorts of problems including Brick Cracks, sticking windows and jammed doors. More serious problems can include walls separating and serious cracks in the structure of the building. To repair these flaws you need a contractor who can level the foundation and provide support to ensure the foundation remains where it is supposed to.

There are two basic types of foundation repair. One uses a cement grout to raise and fill under the foundation. A variant of this method uses a polymer-based grout as a filler. This method of foundation repair can work well if the building is on reasonably stable ground and is only slightly out of level. The other method of foundation stabilization involves raising the foundation to the proper level and supporting it with piers or piles. In many cases this is the preferred choice because it provides the most stable solution.

In some areas this type of repair is known as ram jacking or pier and beam leveling. It works so well because the piers are sunk into bedrock to provide support for the weight of the building. It usually requires several piles that are carefully placed so the weight is evenly distributed. This type of repair will require special inspection of the home and property so the contractor can properly elevate the foundation and place the piles appropriately. If you have noticed missing grout, Brick Cracks or other signs of a shifting structure be sure to contact American Leveling Company before the problem worsens. You can also watch our youtube channel for the expert foundation services.