Mediation with a Family Law Lawyer in Lancaster PA

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Mediation is the largest possible turning point during civil litigation. It is possible to settle the dispute between the plaintiff and defendant with the help of a mediator.

Your family law lawyer in Lancaster PA should attend this important meeting with you. A mediator is required to attend the mediation and will work with the disputing parties to negotiate a settlement agreement.

The Process of Mediation

In order to have a successful mediation the parties involved in civil litigation with the settling authority must attend. The plaintiff and defendant listed on the legal document have the legal authority to end the dispute and must attend the mediation. The mediator and the attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant are required to attend the mediation. The mediator will open the mediation describing his or her role in great detail and the benefits of settling the case. The mediator will also inform the attendees of his or her neutral third party stance in the mediation. The family law lawyer in Lancaster PA for each of the parties will provide an opening statement for his or her client and will assist in stating each party’s legal stance. It is ideal for the attorney of each party to do the speaking to avoid emotional outbursts.

Working Towards a Settlement Agreement

Once the opening statements are completed, the plaintiff and the defendant will separate into different rooms. This is the period the parties will begin working toward a settlement agreement by the act of negotiating. The mediator will meet with the plaintiff first to ascertain his or her demands. Next, the mediator will relay the demands to the defendant. The defendant will typically respond with a counteroffer and the parties will work to negotiate a settlement amount with the mediators and attorneys help.

The Final Act: Settling the Case

If the mediation is a success, the case will be settled and dismissed. The settlement agreed upon should not only be an oral agreement, but a written agreement and signed instrument. Be sure the Law Offices of Going and Plank have some legal document drawn up if the mediation is a success. Legal documentation should be drawn up for the parties to the terms of the settlement amount.

Finally, rely on Family Law Lawyer at Going and Plank in Lancaster PA to assist you with any of your legal matters and mediation.