Where to Buy Auto Parts Needed to Change Brake Pads

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While there are many vehicle repairs that should only be done by certified mechanics, there are many others that a lot of people can do as long as they have the space and the right tools. One of these jobs is changing brake pads. This is not a difficult job once one figures out what they are doing, and it doesn’t take very long to do. All that is needed is a tire iron, a jack and jack stands, wooden blocks (to help hold the vehicle in the air safely), a wrench, a vise grip, brake pad grease, and of course, the new brake pads.

Before starting any work, anyone working on their own vehicle should make sure that they buy the auto parts they need for the job. The only parts they will need to buy for this job is the actual brake pads. Remove them from the packaging so they are ready to go when they are needed. Now, the first step is to jack up the vehicle, making sure that the emergency brake is on. The wooden blocks are to be placed behind the rear wheels so the vehicle doesn’t roll backwards. Next, loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels only, and remove the front wheels so the brakes are exposed.

Remove the brake caliper from the rotor by unbolting and removing the mounting bolts and/or clips, depending on the type of brake assembly on the vehicle. Make sure the piston in the caliper is in the open position using the vise. This must remain open in order for the new brake pads to be put on. Next, put some of the brake pad grease onto the backs of the new pads, and reassemble the brakes, putting in the new brake pads. This is done exactly reverse to how they were taken off. Do this for the right and left brakes, then put the wheels back on and lower the vehicle back to the ground. The job is now complete. To Buy Auto Parts needed to change brake pads and do other vehicle repairs, visit BBB Accredited Business Generalmufflerandautoct.com for quality auto parts.