Making Sure All Students Receive the Same Instruction in the Classroom


When your children start school, they will likely be taught in various ways depending on the teacher and the school itself. In many schools, the kindergarten method is used as a beginning course so that children learn about the same basic ideas before they go to higher grades. Here are just a few ways that teachers try to make learning fun for children who are younger and just getting started in their educational career.

Group Learning

One of the ways that teachers make sure students learn as much as they can in a short time while staying on the same track as their peers are by teaching them in a large group. Students sit in a large circle in front of the teacher while the teacher reads and provides lessons during the day. Sometimes, students are divided into smaller groups to make it a little easier to focus on details for those who might need a little more assistance than others in the class. New components are often taught during group time so that students can learn the same thing at the same time before doing individual work.

Group Interaction

Aside from large group instruction, many teachers also use small groups in the classroom to challenge students and to focus on the strengths that each child has, such as reading or math. This is a kindergarten method that works well in a smaller school and classes with more than one teacher as each teacher can demonstrate lessons.

Alone Time

Some students learn better when they are taught individually. The teacher will often give instructions to the entire class after going over a new concept before working with students for a short time who might need more help and who don’t do as well in even small groups. This is usually an option that works well with children who might not be able to read as well as others or who might have learning disorders and need extra help.

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