Making an Office Relocation Plan

Moving and Storage Services

Similar to any significant project, precise organization and planning are vital to relocating your office successfully. Once you have decided to move, the next step is coming up with a relocation plan that outlines all the tasks needed to complete the move. It also specifies who is responsible for each job and when it must be completed.

  • Determine who’s in charge

The first step is deciding who will be in charge of the move; it could be you or someone else in the company. They will serve as the decision-maker and move coordinator. Go for someone with excellent organizational skills, who has the authority to represent your company and can make decisions quickly. Alternatively, you can create a project planning team headed by the person in charge of the move to develop and enact the relocation plan.

  • Create a budget

Determine how much this move will cost you as you near your planned moving date, review it periodically to see whether you are staying within your budget. For instance, you can approach office furniture installation companies and inquire whether they can disassemble some of the furniture and relocate it for you.

  • Determine your key dates

Always work with a timeline to help you track important dates. On your timeline sheet, note down when your current lease termination, when the new one starts, preferred moving time, when you will start moving, and the final date for completion of the move.

  • Decide whether to use full-service movers

If you don’t want to handle the move personally, you can opt to use full-service movers who will work out the details of the move on your behalf. These office furniture installation companies will manage the whole relocation; however, how you plan to pick a moving company must be included in your plan.

Take as much time as you need when creating your relocation plan, and remember that you will be refining the plan at every stage. Periodically check in with everyone involved to ensure you are all on the same page. A good moving plan is vital to a successful move.