An Auto Accident Doctor Helps Patients Recover After Devastating Injuries


Serious car collisions sometimes cause long-term or permanent injury to people in those vehicles. In many cases, an auto accident doctor in Ocala and a physical therapist at the clinic can help patients heal more rapidly than would otherwise be the case. They use a range of strategies to speed healing and help patients function as well as possible with permanent injuries.

Examples of Potentially Long-Term Injuries

Damage to the joints or soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons sometimes has long-term effects. People commonly think of a sprain as a lesser injury than a fracture, but severe sprains may result in pain that lingers for more than a year. Whiplash, which is a strain or sprain of the neck, also can lead to long-term or permanent chronic pain. Some accident victims experience discomfort every day afterward, while for others, the pain is intermittent.

Effective Treatment

An auto accident doctor in Ocala evaluates the potential long-term effects of the injuries to determine how to proceed. These physicians know which types of damage to body tissue tend to heal more quickly, and which are more likely to become chronic problems. Physical therapy can be crucial for minimizing the potential for ongoing discomfort and dysfunction.

These healthcare practitioners help patients recover and learn to manage effects from some of the most serious permanent harm. Car crashes can result in amputations, traumatic brain injury, and paralysis. With proper medical care, many men and women can live full lives even after this kind of trauma.