Make Sure You See A Dentist in Highlands, NC When You Have Tooth Pain


Tooth pain is one of the most difficult types of dental problems to overcome on your own. When tooth discomfort becomes severe, it can feel like your entire body is wrapped in a vice. Whether you have chronic or acute tooth pain, you need to make sure you find the cause. Tooth discomfort can be caused by a variety of different issues and your dentist can see you, to find the cause and begin treatment. Through A dentist in Highlands, NC, your pain can become a thing of the past and your teeth can be cared for properly.

What Causes Tooth Pain to Occur?

1. Cavities are one of the most common causes of tooth problems. In the beginning of a cavity, you will rarely feel any discomfort at all. As a cavity begins to invade the inner portions of your tooth, where the nerve resides, you will begin to experience painful symptoms. When the nerve becomes inflamed or even exposed, the sensations can become severe. Instead of simply masking your symptoms with medications, you need to see your dentist for a cavity. The longer you wait, the more damage your tooth will experience. The decay could cause you to lose your tooth and could even spread to surrounding teeth.

2. Tooth infections, called abscesses, can also cause severe problems in your tooth. When an infection begins in your tooth, it begins to fill with pus. This puts pressure on your tooth and aggravates the nerve, causing unbearable symptoms. If you notice pus drainage around your tooth, swelling in your jaw and foul breath, infection could be the culprit. A Dentist in Highlands, NC can check you for a tooth abscess and treat the condition so the infection is stopped before it causes considerable damage.

3. Injuries are another cause of tooth pain. Though most people know when they injure a tooth, this is not always the case. This especially occurs when the structure of your tooth is not sound. You may have injured your tooth while eating and not even realize there is a problem until the pain hits. Tooth injuries can be repaired and should be treated as soon as possible, to avoid tooth loss.

If you are having pain in your tooth, getting in to see the dentist right away is imperative. To schedule your appointment, contact James O. Redmond, DDS right away.