Why You Need an Attorney to Be a Guardian Honolulu HI


Guardianship is the process of legally becoming the primary caregiver of a person who cannot take care of themselves. This is a process that is often needed for incapacitated children, adults, and seniors in order for their loved ones to continue to take care of them. A Guardian Honolulu HI attorney can help you with the legal aspects of this process and instruct you on what is involved and how to make sure you stay within the boundaries of this responsibility.

Guardianship may also be sought when a person is getting their estate in order or if there is a problem with a special needs child or elderly parent. The responsibilities that come with guardianship are very restrictive to the guardian which is something you must consider when you are talking to your lawyer. The following will cover how an attorney can help you with your guardianship needs.

Provide Alternatives

Guardianship comes with many restrictions, so if there is a way to legal protection other than guardianship, a lawyer can help you find it. You may be better off with solutions like Powers of Attorney, Surrogate Decision Making, or living wills.

Estate Planning

If you are getting your estate planning done before you are gone, you will need an attorney to help you set up your guardianship in case one is needed. This is also an option if your loved one has not taken care of this legality if you have been taking care of them. A Guardian Honolulu HI attorney can explain the process and help you with this process.

Home Care

If you are caring for your loved one at home and are the primary caregiver, you need to be able to make decisions for them. This often requires guardianship. You will be responsible for not only feeding and clothing them, but also for paying their bills, making medical decisions, and for every aspect of their lives including their final arrangements.

Other areas where guardianship make be needed include elder abuse, special needs children, medicaid, Social Security, and working with social workers and senior services. Guardianship is designed to protect your loved one and preserve their dignity. It protects them from abuse, financial hardship, and other circumstances that affect you and your loved ones. The Law Office of Cheryl Takabayashi can help with these legal needs. Visit the website to learn more about how they can help.

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