Make Shipping Your Parts So Much Simpler


As everyone in the auto parts manufacturing business knows it is a business driven by meeting deadlines. This is accomplished by not just having an efficient staff but also using technologies that are available to make the entire process easier and faster. Having an auto packaging machine implemented into your business will make sure that you will meet or exceed the deadlines you have.

It’s All About Supply and Demand

It would be incredibly hard to find a car manufacturer that creates every part for their vehicles right on site. A car is made up of thousands of different parts. They are all shipped to the plant and then combined to make the finished vehicle. This means that car companies all send out orders to plants around the country to manufacture what they need and ship it to them. They need a constant supply of parts flowing into the plant in order for them to stay operational. This requires their suppliers to be efficient in their own manufacturing and shipping.

How an Auto Packaging Machine Helps Your Business

When a large order for auto parts comes into the plant your workforce sets themselves to the task of creating them. Once they are done they stack them on a pallet. The pallet is then picked up by a forklift and wrapped by another set of employees. Then the product is shipped out to go to the next step in the process. An auto packaging machine allows you to skip to step of having to have a team dedicated to shrink wrapping the pallet for shipping. This allows you to have more staff on the manufacturing process instead of the shipping side. One forklift operator can pick up the pallet, wrap it, and drive it right onto the delivery truck.

A Machine Designed to Make Your Life Easier

TAB Industries created the TAB Wrapper Tornado in 2011 as a way to give their clients a way to speed up their manufacturing process. You can receive the order, fill it and ship it in far less time and in a more efficient way. Contact them today or visit their website to see videos of the Tornado at work.