Make A Splash With Annual Flower Installations


While there are some very vibrant and beautiful perennials, for a showy garden area that really draws the eye the color and flower options of annuals are an ideal choice.

The Variety of Possibilities

Annuals can range in price from relatively inexpensive favorites such as marigolds, pansy, geraniums, fuchsias and petunias to more exotic species that are truly remarkable for their massive, colorful flowers. Some examples of these are the very showy hibiscus and gerbera daisy varieties as well as the majestic lilies.

Bright foliage on the coleus also makes it a favorite, and they can tolerate both sun and shade. Most annual flower installations will use a mixture of tall, medium and low plants, often with the perennials used for the taller background plants and greenery.

Depending on the location of the property, some annuals, particularly in the south, can winter easily and may last for two to three growing seasons or longer. However, even in the northern areas where a winter freeze will kill the plants, they still provide great color throughout the growing season.

Around Signs and Building Entrances

Some of the most striking annual flower installations include a multitude of colors that form a pattern around a large business sign or around the entrance. These can be arranged in the corporate colors of the company, which creates a living branding opportunity for the business.

Baskets and Containers

Plants add a look of pride and care about a business that is impossible to duplicate. Dramatic hanging baskets or containers along walkways or strategically placed around heavy traffic areas brings a pop of color.

For these types of annual flower installations consider choosing a signal color or perhaps two or three colors and use these throughout the landscaping, giving a very coordinated and stylish look that is consistent across the property. By bunching the flowers to really bring out the colors, they will set your business apart.