Major Perks of Working for Dry Van Trucking Companies


While many dry van trucking companies probably won’t pay as much money as over the road trucking jobs do, they still allow professionals to make a decent living with their certifications, and they are more flexible and come with more perks than many other jobs do.

Plenty of Family Time

Dry van trucking companies offer drivers the ability to see their families at least once a week. For a truck driver this is quite rare, and why working in the industry is worthwhile. It’s nice to get in some family time, and to be able to pick and choose better schedules for your life.


Most dry van trucking companies today offer a competitive benefits package that pays for things like insurance and sick time. This means that you can work for the business with confidence that you’ll receive the support you need for a healthy life. Some of the very best companies even offer tuition reimbursement, which is excellent for professionals looking to cover some of the costs of their schooling.

Sign On Bonus

Some of the very best companies will offer a sign on bonus for beginning work with them. This bonus makes working even more worthwhile and can be exciting for a driver looking to get started. Consider companies that offer bonuses first, because they make getting started easier and really help with covering life expenses while waiting for that first paycheck.

Dry van trucking companies are one of the best places that you can work for today. You’ll receive the respect that you deserve while benefitting from a bunch of additional perks as well. That’s why it’s worth thinking about working at one of these companies. But always take the time to make sure that you are talking with a high quality company.

As a dry van trucker working for the right company, you can benefit from the perks described above. Driving across state and even outside of the state as a trucking professional is a unique and adventurous job. If that is something you are cut out for, then be sure to set your sights on the highest quality trucking companies in the industry.