Low Vision Glasses: Improving Sight And Preventing Depression


Around the world, approximately are 285 million suffer from visual impairment. Their loss of vision can result from various diseases and disorders including diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Glasses may help, providing they are capable of addressing the visual capabilities of the person. In American states such as Minnesota and California, glasses prove to be beneficial if they fall within certain parameters. Conventional eyeglasses may no longer be helpful; low vision glasses & devices are the only option.

Low Vision and Depression

In 2015, a report in Clinical Ophthalmology found a correlation between depression and low vision – specifically age-related macular degeneration. The figures indicate their symptoms to be significantly higher than those in the normally sighted adult population. This research clearly reinforces what family and friends know.

Statistics released by the National Eye Institute (NEI) indicate approximately between 29 and 58 percent of those with low vision suffer from at least one major depressive episode a year following the visual loss. Moreover, their chances of becoming depressed are two times higher than those who retain their visual abilities.

The reasons for visually impaired individuals suffering from depression relate directly to their inability to continue with daily tasks and pleasures. With decreased visual acuity comes the inability to enjoy watching TV or reading. It reduces instances of scanning phones and computer screens. It decreases mobility by prohibiting driving. All can produce a decreased sense of independence and self-esteem. Low vision glasses can restore this balance.

Low Vision Glasses

Statistics from the NEI indicate that the number of Americans having low vision will rise to more than 70% by 2030. While not all will suffer from anxiety and depression, this population is at high risk of doing so. One way of decreasing the instances is to ensure optometrists from California to Minnesota to Texas to Maine understand the importance of providing those affected with the right tools. This includes such devices as low vision glasses.