Los Angeles Vocalist and Recording Artist Sings Jazz and More

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Sylvia Brooks is a jazz vocalist who has released three albums with a fourth one coming soon. The style of this female recording artist may be described as sultry with an emphasis on topics such as longing, love, lust and heartache.

Jazz Singer’s Songbook

In her albums and live performances, she mixes standards with songs by more contemporary songwriters. So, her selections may be by Cole Porter, Hank Williams, John Lennon, Paul McCartney or others. Some have described her style in live performance as reminiscent of jazz singers of the 1940s and 1950s.


Brooks is a former dancer who studied classical theater and did some episodic TV before becoming a jazz vocalist. Her father indirectly got her started in jazz singing.

He was a well-known jazz pianist, and while selecting songs for his funeral, she connected with the jazz tunes he loved and knew so well. “Dangerous Liaisons” (2009) was her first album. “Restless” followed in 2012.

“The Arrangement” is her third album. It features standards, jazzy readings of tunes that are not jazz and some original songs for which she wrote the lyrics. You can hear selections from the album on more than 30 radio stations in the U.S. Purchase it on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.

Preparing to Issue a Fourth Album

Coming in 2022 is “Signature,” a new album. Thinking of the services of a jazz singers in Los Angeles who is also in the ranks of female recording artists? Contact Sylvia Brooks Music, Inc. at www.sylviabrooks.net.