Large Organic Farms Need Effective Mechanical Weeding Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Organic farmers, who do not use herbicides, know that hand weeding is time-intensive and expensive. These farmers need automated weeding solutions that are fast and effective. Fortunately, there are now smart harvesters that provide farmers with an effective mechanical weeding solutions.

Smart harvesters not only plant seeds and harvest crops, but they can also pull weeds. These high-tech farming machines use high-definition cameras and precision software to differentiate weeds from crop plants. The system automatically identifies the plants, and only cuts out the weeds. A single operator can plant and weed a one to a two-acre field in one pass in one hour. That saves both time and labor costs.

A smart harvester can pay for itself not only by reducing time and labor costs but also by eliminating redundant equipment. While it is high-tech, a smart harvester is also a robust piece of equipment that can withstand the harshest environments. It’s built to roll over rocks, through mud, and up and down slopes. It’s built to last for many years, making it worth the investment.

Despite its cutting-edge technology, smart harvesters are also reliable and easy to operate. You won’t need to be a computer programmer to interface with the software. It’s straightforward and simple.

If you operate a large, organic farm, you need a smart harvester. While micro and small organic farmers can get by with hand weeding, a large operation needs mechanical weeding solutions.

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