Looking for Things to Do in Winter in NYC?


New York City is one of the few cities left on Earth that still feels mystical. There is something magical, almost story-like about the city. It is the reason why millions call it home and millions more visit on a daily basis.

But what kind of activities can you find in the wintertime? Finding things to do in winter in NYC may seem naturally limited, but there is more to do than you realize. For starters, try skating at Wollman Rink and enjoy the natural beauty of NYC.


There are more than a few activities to partake in come wintertime. But of all the things to do in winter in NYC, skating makes the most sense. Heading to the rink, be it alone, with friends and family, or with a loved one, creates lasting memories.

There are skate rentals available for those who don’t regularly skate, allowing you to show up on a whim and hit the ice. You can feel the cool air blow by as you skate around the scenic rink.

Beautiful Scenery

Another thing about skating in New York City is that it allows you to partake in the natural architectural beauty that NYC has. You can get a little bit of exercise in, coast around the ice, and experience all that NYC has to offer in one experience. There are plenty of things to do in winter in NYC, but skating is right at the top.