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Fitness Training Center

A fitness boot camp provides people with an opportunity to build strength and endurance. The fitness routine offered by boot camps may vary, but they are all quite intense. The fitness routines include a healthy mix of aerobics and strength training. Most classes include various calisthenics, sprints, and drills. The workout in Markham, ON is a type of interval training. There are bursts of intense activity followed by lighter, less stressful activity.

What Are the Benefits?

The objective of fitness boot camp is to provide a workout that focuses on building strength and endurance. Many people are attracted to this form of activity because of the varied workouts that require little in the way of specialized equipment when first starting.

Boot Camp Delivers Results

This type of workout appeals to people that are looking for an intense workout. The fitness routines are modeled somewhat on methods used by the military. The exercises focus on upper and lower body as well as the core. It is this focus on total-body training that makes these workouts unique. Traditional workouts in the gym use weights and various machines. This approach improves strength, but it does not necessarily prepare the body for activities such as walking up stairs or even lifting bags of groceries from the trunk of the car.

The activities undertaken in boot camp in Markham, ON will burn calories. Studies have shown that the average calorie burn is 10 per minute while training.

This type of fitness training includes vigorous activity coupled with short rest breaks. Boot camp style exercises maximize fitness gains in the shortest possible period.

When first starting, it is important to have a good instructor. Age and weight do not have a bearing on whether an individual can undergo this intense training. However, a good instructor will understand the person’s ability and modify the routines to suit.

Boot camp is a great way to build muscle and endurance. To learn more, contact CrossFit Markham. To learn more and register for a free introductory session, visit our website.