3 Essential Components In All Commercial Landscaping Bids


Most commercial landscaping services put a lot of effort into presenting an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a commercial landscaping job. These companies tend to have a template for their bid including a brief history of the company as well as outlining their expertise, services, and equipment.

It is very important to look into the specifics contained in any commercial landscaping bids. It can be very easy to miss elements or services required on your commercial property if just skimming or looking at the highlights the landscaping company is highlighting.

Within the commercial landscaping bids, check for information on the following three factors. While the actual bid price for the services will always be a consideration, it is equally important to ensure what is required is included in the price.

Landscape Warranties

For any property with a landscape installation as part of the work required, landscape warranties should be an essential consideration. This protects the property owner from having to remove and replace any warrantied plants, trees, shrubs or grass that dies.

It is important to read the warranty. By having the landscaping company continue with maintenance, warranty issues are rarely a concern as long as they are stipulated in the bid.

Scope of Services Throughout The Year

Check to make sure all commercial landscaping bids contain the services you need for year-round maintenance of the property. Be sure this includes basic services as well as more advanced options such as installing irrigation, managing drainage and in fertilizing, weed control and spring and fall preparation work.

Detailed Information On Services Provided

Look for the details on all the services provided in the bid. The contract should indicate the mowing schedule, the maintenance work on a task by task basis as well as any limitations on work provided within the scope of the contract.