A Look at What a Child Does All Day at a Child Care Center in East Roackaway


Early childhood learning centers often look like sophisticated playgrounds, but they are more than that. Yes, a child’s day is filled with playtime and activities, but there is a lot of structured learning going on at these daycares/early childhood learning centers.

The following is an overview of some of the many activities and projects that early childhood learning centers, like Kids Campus, to fill a child’s day.

Free Play or Recess

Free play is a common activity that many Child Care East Rockaway centers use to fill up a child’s day. Free play is typically a time when a child is presented with the opportunity to engage in any number of activities. These activities can range from arts and crafts, playing on the jungle gym, or interacting with others.

While it might appear as if free play at a Child Care East Rockaway center is just a time for children to run around and have fun, it is actually filled with a number of things that can enhance early childhood development. Free play has been shown to enhance creativity, increase social interaction, and teach children time management skills.

Story Time

Story time is incorporated into the curriculum at many Child Care East Rockaway centers. Story time is a favorite activity because of the many benefits children receive from it. It is more than just reading a story, it is about learning.

Children during story time are encouraged to listen and interact with the story. They are taught how to listen to instruction and sit still for short periods of time. Story time is also a favored activity because it encourages learning comprehension and creative thinking.

In addition to the many benefits children receive from story time, early childhood educators at a child care East Rockaway center are able to incorporate the story into a number of other activities for the day. Many early childhood educators will use a story for the start of a craft or art project, or to teach the children a valuable lesson or skill.

Parents who have children in the Lynbrook and East Rockaway area of New York may consider sending their child to Kids Campus. This early childhood center features a number of activities that are designed to enhance a child’s social, emotional, and developmental skills.