Why you should enjoy an Evening Out During “Off Hours”

Food and Drink

Whether you are dining at a Seafood Restaurant Cincinnati loves or going for burgers you will always be fighting the crowds when you venture out on weekends. However, if you are looking for a quieter, more intimate dining experience you should consider going out during the “off hours”. This does not mean eating too early or late. It means taking a break during the week when less people are out and about and restaurants are waiting to serve you.

Your Table is Ready

During the less popular weekday evenings you will find your table is ready often when you arrive. On the weekends, with or without reservations you are often forced to wait for a table. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It means you’ve chosen a steak or seafood restaurant Cincinnati loves, but why wait when you can be seated right away? As well you will find once seated you will not have to wait to order your food. The less people in the restaurant the more attention you will be given from servers. Even the best trained wait staff will be faced with challenges when dealing with a busy restaurant packed to the rafters.

Full Attention

Less stressed servers means better focus on customers. When you dine out during down times you will find servers are always at your beck and call as they do not have as many customers with which they must contend. Exceptional service at your favorite seafood restaurant Cincinnati loves becomes even more exceptional with less people in the house. Your wine glass will always be full, your table will always be cleared and your food will always arrive promptly.

More Tables, Less Noise

The busier the restaurant the less chance there is of getting your favorite table. On a slow night you have your choice of seating which means you won’t end up too close to the bus boy’s station or to the swinging doors leading into the kitchen. It will also be much more relaxed and quiet as the volume in the dining room always dictates the noise volume. A packed house means a lot more voices, glasses and dishware which turns up the noise factor. Although it is always fun to be part of the fun, it’s also nice to enjoy a relaxed evening where you can sit back, relax and feel pampered.