Let Walk In Tubs For PA Maintain Your Independence

Home Improvement

Let’s face it; most people like their homes and dislike the fuss and bother involved in moving house. There will be times when you move because you have little choice or it has become a necessity; but that tends to happen more in the early years of your home ownership. For many, by the time they reach their middle years; they have their home exactly as they like it – it fits them like the proverbial glove and scores a perfect 10 on their comfort scale. If they have been blessed with a family, the house is also too full of memories for them to even think about moving out.

Some Past Decisions Do Not Stand The Test Of Time

Often, it is the little things about the house that, over time, turn out to be, not so much a bad choice; but, nevertheless a choice that is not right for changed circumstances. Take the decision, made years ago; not to use up scarce space in the bathroom with both a big tub to soak in and a shower cubicle. At that time, you still enjoyed a nice hot bath and saw no problem in utilizing the bath tub for your shower. You had the plumbing installed and all you had to do was hop into the tub; draw a curtain and adjust the shower faucets to the water temperature you wanted. What could possibly be wrong with that arrangement; which served you well over the years?


However, there did come a day when you had to admit that you just were not as nimble as you used to be. In fact, along with the wrinkles, old age had also made you somewhat frail and a little unsteady on your feet. It was no longer possible for you to hop into the bath tub – whether for a soak or a shower. You gave up the soaking first (getting in and lying down was a problem; sitting up and climbing out a near impossibility). Then the slippery risks involved in climbing in and out of the shower not only dawned on you; they positively scared you.

What to do?

No way were you going to hire a stranger to gently lift you in and out of the tub and a total renovation to rip out the tub and put in a shower cubicle was beyond your budget. Talking this over with your coffee morning peer group; someone came up with what proved to be the perfect solution – Walk In Tubs For PA.

A contractor does the work for you by cutting a door space in the side of your existing bath; this quickly converts it into one of those Walk In Tubs In PA. No more fears and no need for assistance; you simply walk right in to the tub; stand under the shower and walk out again when finished.

For the safety and independence of Walk In Tubs In PA; you should contact One Day Bath, Inc on 866-927-8247 and ask about Tub-Cut. Alternatively, browse their online brochure at Renewyourbath.com/main/Myfolder/Brochure%20Dec2012.pdf.