Let the Specialists Create Custom Birthday Cupcakes in NJ For You.


Birthday and retirement parties, baby showers and wedding receptions are all celebrations of life. What better way to celebrate that special occasion than with an order of gourmet cupcakes or mini-cupcakes from Gigis Cupcakes. The have a full line of gourmet flavors that are created using the finest ingredients like vanilla from Madegascar and real creamery butter. Quality ingredients create quality flavors that you can taste. When life gives you a reason to celebrate, you need to embrace it to the fullest. Celebrate it with cupcakes.

Gina and Nicole have been creating and baking since they were young girls in their grandmothers’ and mother’s kitchens. In business since 2005, the two sisters have been sharing their baking creations with the people of Short Hills, NY. They turned a lifelong baking passion, into a business they are passionate about. Let them design and create your Custom Birthday Cupcakes in Specialist of NJ. Cakes have been replaced by individual cupcakes, making available the opportunity for variety of flavor and design. With individual cupcake servings, you do not have to worry about the messy business of slicing up a cake, wondering if you cut it right or it you have enough to serve your guests.

If you suddenly realize today is your co-workers birthday and you have forgotten it, you can run in on your lunch hour and grab a dozen or two to take back to the office. With the ovens baking sweet goodness every day, the store always has fresh cupcakes in their cases. When you walk into their front door, you will be embraced by the warm smell of goodness and greeted with a smile. At Gigis Cupcakes, they are ever ready to help you celebrate life’s events, big and small.

No matter the size of your event, you can place a catering order with a Custom Birthday Cupcakes Specialist of NJ. Once you decide on what flavor and design you want on your cupcakes, you can stop worrying about it. They will bring the cupcakes to your destination and take care of the set up. Planning a special occasion can be a little stressful but there is no need to worry about the dessert. Gigi’s Cupcakes can handle that for you. When life hands you a reason to celebrate, hand your guests cupcakes to celebrate it.