Legal Help for Domestic Violence in Cleveland TN


Tennessee is serious about helping victims of domestic violence get the help and justice they deserve. And any person, male or female, can become a victim of domestic violence.

Are you a Tennessee resident dealing with domestic violence? Chancey-Kanavos is a personal injury law firm with a domestic violence lawyer that Cleveland, TN, residents can count on.

Domestic Violence in Tennessee

Tennessee defines domestic violence as acts of violence against members of the offender’s family or household. Examples include:

1. A child of the offender or another adult or person living in the home.

2. The current or former in-laws of the offender.

3. A person who is related to the offender either by adoption or blood.

4. The former or current spouse of the offender.

5. The current or former significant other of the offender.

6. A person who lives or has lived with the offender.

Contact an Attorney for Help

Domestic violence is a serious legal matter. If you’re accused of domestic violence, you can possibly spend several years in jail. And a conviction will follow you for the rest of your life. And if you’re a victim of domestic violence, you might have a right to compensation and other legal protections.

It’s wise to have legal representation when dealing with cases concerning domestic violence. This is especially true if the incident involves young children. Contact Chancey-Kanavos, a personal injury law firm that can help.