Learning the Advantages of Furnace Replacement by Heating Services in Howard County MD Compared With Boiler Installation

Heating and Air Conditioning

When it’s time to replace a furnace, the homeowners might consider making the switch to a boiler system for radiant heat. They’ve heard about the advantages of that particular system, but are there advantages to choosing furnace replacement instead? Technicians who provide Heating Services in Howard County, MD can answer that question.

Boilers and Furnaces

Boilers provide heat with hot water. Usually, the older systems have radiators of one form or another along walls in the home. New models have pipes or tubes under floors. This work commonly is done as a home is being constructed rather than later on. Furnaces, on the other hand, are powered with gas that heats air, which then is blown through ducts with a fan and motor.

Energy Efficiency

The best furnaces have better energy efficiency than the best boilers. These appliances come in a broad range of energy efficiency ratings, and this should be discussed with contractors who provide Heating Services in Howard County, MD before choosing a specific model. Those with the highest efficiency cost more, and not everyone can fit that into their household budget for major expenses.

Faster Warmth

Furnaces, as installed by a contractor like Maryland Heating & Air, raise the temperature in the home faster when the household likes to routinely turn the thermostat down for energy savings. They might keep the temperature lower when everyone is gone all day, for instance. Even if the furnace was turned off and the temperature in the house is down to 58 degrees, close to the outside temperature, the furnace will bring the home back to comfortable warmth relatively quickly. A boiler that was turned off has to heat the tank of water before the heat can be delivered to the radiant system.

Lower Replacement Cost

In a home that already has a furnace and not a boiler, replacing the furnace is generally less expensive than having a boiler and all the radiant pipes or tubes installed under the floors. In contrast, the furnace ductwork is already in place. Most people shy away from that significantly the larger upfront cost. Also, furnaces typically cost less to repair because the parts are less expensive.