Factors To Consider When Choosing Gas Ball Valves

Oil Field Equipment Supplier

For natural gas applications in Texas, choosing the right types of valves is always a crucial factor. There is a range of different prices and options in valves on the market, but not all are approved for natural gas use. It is extremely important to avoid using any type of valve not approved specifically for use in natural gas systems.

There are some brands and options in gas ball valves that can be used for multiple types of applications. These valves are typically made of heavy forged brass and are lead free, making them an ideal option for commercial and industrial types of applications. They can be used for oil, gas, water, steam or air systems, and the flexibility of use with these ball valves makes them the ideal component for any parts inventory.

Specialized Seals

A key factor in the design and manufacturing of all types of gas ball valves is the seal. The valve itself is the same as all other ball valves, with a ¼ turn control for open and closing of the valve. However, for use with gas, the valve has to be designed with a seal that will not leak or become damaged or corroded by exposure to gas. The PTFE seat design also ensures full closure of the valve.

They also include what is known as a blow-out proof design, which eliminates the risk of valve failure if the pressure in the system suddenly spikes. These valves also include precision design and careful selection of all materials to ensure a long duty cycle for the valve, even if it is left open or closed for long periods of time without use.

Generally, maintenance requirements on these types of ball valves are minimal, even over years of use. They can be used in enclosed systems as well as outdoors, making them an ideal choice for many applications in Texas oil fields and natural gas systems.