Learning More Facts About Divorce From Divorce Attorneys In Hartford, WI


The state of Wisconsin recognizes only one ground for a divorce. This is an irretrievable breakdown. The requirements for this ground imply that the petitioner has lived apart from their spouse for at least one year prior to the submission of the petition. The Dodge County court prefers to utilize this ground for couples who are filing jointly for the divorce in which a contested divorce is not probable. However, it is possible for a single petitioner to file for divorce through divorce attorneys in Hartford, WI stating specific circumstances under oath that led up to the breakup of the marriage.

Uncontested Divorce

In Dodge County, an uncontested divorce requires that the petitioner live in the state for no less than six months before filing the divorce petition. The county court requires that all individuals who file for a divorce must wait at least one-hundred twenty days after their spouse has been served before any judgments are rendered. This includes individual petitioners and couples filing jointly.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce occurs when one party denies a breakdown of the marriage under oath. If this individual can present proof that the marriage is still viable, he or she can fight the divorce in court. In most instances, the couple attends mediation first to produce an agreement, when this is not possible a trial is scheduled through the Dodge County court.

Property Division

Property division is addressed by the court only when the couple is unable to make a clear agreement or the divorce is contested. When a trial is necessary to finalize a divorce in the state, a judge renders all decides in relation to property division. Factors that he or she may consider are the length of time that the parties have been married, any misconduct in which proof is available, and which party was the original owner of the property.

The primary home is, typically, given to the parent who receives custody of the children. However, when the couple did not produce children during this marriage, the judge may rule in party of the spouse that carried most of the financial burdens associated with the property. Anyone who wishes to fight in a trial for marital property should consult a divorce attorney in Hartford WI. Visit Hetzel-nelson.com to know more.