Exterminators in Derby Kansas: Tips for Getting Rid of Odorous Ants

Pest Control

Odorous ants are more common house pests than many people think, especially in the spring and summer of the year. The ants are teeny tiny, come in lines that go on forever, and emit a very strong smell when they are crushed. Once you see a line marching from your windowsill to your kitchen counter, you can be assured that they have found food and alerted the entire colony.

Scented Baby Powder

After calling the best Exterminators Derby Kansas residents can toss some scented baby powder on the ants, and any area they have used to enter the home. These types of ants have a very strong aversion to this substance and will not use the trail for a long time after you put the powder out.

Vinegar and Water

While waiting for the Exterminators Derby Kansas residents can fill a clean spray bottle with part apple cider vinegar and part water. You spray this mixture anywhere you have seen the odorous ants. The smell will go away after a few minutes and the ants will avoid that area.

Black Pepper

When you find a large amount of ants in one place, sprinkle them with black pepper. This will drive them back outside of the home, and they will avoid that spot. Do this anytime that you see ants in the home, and soon they will resist coming into your residence.


Believe it or not, ants do not like chalk. When you find how the ants got into your home, you can draw a barrier around that area with chalk. The ants don’t like the smell of the chalk and will avoid that entrance from then on. Use this every time you see ants, and soon they will have no way into the home and move on to somewhere else.

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