Learn More about Dental Implants


When you have missing teeth, you don’t need to cope with poorly fitted dentures. Today, New York implant dentistry can change your life with permanent restorations. If you visited a dentist a few years ago and were told that your alveolar bones weren’t strong enough for a dental implant procedure, then it is time to have a new evaluation. Many patients can take a medication that will increase the bone mass in their gum tissue, making it possible to have a dental implant procedure in only a few months. In addition, it is now possible to have more than one dental crown attached to one metal post.

Periodontal Treatment

You must also have healthy gum tissue in your mouth before any New York implant dentistry surgery. Our dentist can provide antibiotics to start your periodontal treatment, but you may also require other procedures to eliminate the bacteria from your gums and alveolar bones. After your mouth is healthy, we can anesthetize you to drill a hole in your gums to insert a titanium post. A metal screw is attached to this post, and a customized dental crown is attached to the metal screw. The dental crowns for the implants are made to match the color of your natural teeth.

Dental Implant Crowns Last for Many Years

If you need multiple dental crowns, then our dentist can use one metal post along with a special metal support to hold several of the crowns. Caring for your dental implants is easy with brushing and flossing, but you should also use special interdental brushes that you will insert between your dental crowns to remove food debris. The dental crowns will remain in place unless our dentist removes the restorations to clean the items or to make a repair.