Getting Towed After an Accident

Transportation and Logistics

After an accident, there is usually at least one vehicle that will need to be towed from the scene. The owner of the vehicle should stay at the scene if possible unless there are injuries warranting a trip to a local hospital. In this situation, a company offering accident recovery in Atlanta GA would be contacted by either other family members or the officers on the scene. If no medical attention is needed, those involved in the accident should step away from the vehicle until the wrecker service arrives.

Find out the details about your insurance coverage as many policies offer roadside assistance after an accident. These details should be given to the company providing the accident recovery in Atlanta GA so that the proper person can be billed for the given services. Be cautious about wrecker services that arrive before a phone call has been made. These companies might charge overly expensive fees and might not be fully equipped, which means that the vehicle being towed could be further damaged.

Before the wrecker service leaves, the owner of the vehicle needs to obtain details about where it’s being taken. Most of the time, the owner of the vehicle can indicate whether it should be taken to a residence or a garage. The fee for the service should be clearly written down so that the details can be given to the auto insurance company. If there is no location designated, some wrecker services will take a vehicle to a storage area until it can be taken to another destination. Find out if there’s an additional fee for taking the vehicle to the secondary location beforehand and if there are fees for storing the car past the day of the accident.