Knowing What to Anticipate as You Apply for Rental Housing in Calgary, AB

Real Estate

Landlords generally screen their tenants carefully before renting to them. They want to know that the people they allow to live in their houses and apartments can pay their rent on time. They also need to believe that the tenants won’t engage in illicit activities like drug dealing or burglaries in the area.

When you apply for Rental listings in Calgary area, you can assume that you will undergo a rigorous background check. This investigation will look into everything from your credit history to your criminal background. If you pass the background check, you could be approved for tenancy.

Credit and Employment

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for landlords today involves finding prospective tenants who can pay their rent and utility bills on time. They have bills of their own to pay, which is why they want people to pay their rent on time each month. People who default on their rent put their landlords’ financial integrity at risk.

Landlords also want to avoid having the utilities shut off in a house or apartment. When the electricity and gas are cut off, the unit could become too hot or too cold. Fixtures like the plumbing and lighting could freeze or overheat as a result.

Your potential landlord will check your credit and verify your employment and stated income. He or she will want to know you earn enough money and have good enough credit to avoid running into financial difficulties while you live there.

Criminal Check

The owner of the apartment or house you want to rent will also examine your criminal history. This check ensures you have no felonies on your record. A clean criminal check could help you be approved for tenancy faster.

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