Key Services Offered by Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in Stuart, FL


Slips and falls are among the most common personal injury accidents in the U.S. Each year, millions of Americans get seriously hurt when they slip and fall on other people’s properties. When you count yourself among these injured, you have rights under your state’s laws. You can make full use of them by hiring one of the slip and fall accident lawyers in Stuart, FL, to represent you.

Filing Suit

The most common action that your lawyer will take involves filing a lawsuit against the property owner. Without this action, the owner could deny any responsibility. He or she could even try to blame you for what happened. The suit gives the person time to respond by either deciding to go to trial against you or offering a settlement through his or her insurer. Either way, you can pursue the compensation that you are entitled to under your state’s personal injury laws.

Taking a Settlement

A settlement is the fastest way to close the case and allow you to time to heal and move forward. Your attorney can negotiate the amount that pays for all of your accident-related medical and legal expenses. You have rights as a victim after you slip and fall on someone’s property. You can find out what those rights are and how to make use of them online. To set up a consultation or retain one of the slip and fall accident lawyers in Stuart, FL, go to