Keep Your Teeth Gleaming by Opting for Teeth Whitening in Alexandria, VA


Do you wish that your teeth were whiter? If so, you can realize your goals for a whiter and more glistening smile. You just need to consult with your dentist. However, before you undergo the process, you need to customize a plan.

Good Candidates for Whitening

The use of teeth whitening in Alexandria, VA depends on the color of the teeth as well as the types of restorations in the mouth. Take note that fillings and crowns cannot be bleached to a lighter shade. Most people who take well to whitening have yellow teeth versus teeth that are purplish or greyish in hue. Dental providers today know which in-office whiteners offer the best results with the least amount of sensitivity.

Factors Considered in Whitening the Teeth

That is why in-office teeth whiteners in Alexandria, VA are often called power whiteners. They offer almost immediate results. By comparison, at-home whitening systems whiten teeth over a longer period of time. Therefore, the efficiency of a tooth-whitening system that is peroxide-based is based on two factors. Once factor entails the duration that a whitener is applied to a tooth’s surface. The other factor concerns the concentration of the peroxide.

In-Office versus At-Home Whiteners

So, if you opt for in-office teeth whitening, the concentration of the whitener will be higher and the product will be applied over a shorter period. At-home products, on the other hand, use a lower concentration of peroxide, which necessitates in an extension of the whitening process.

Why Staining Occurs

Again, as indicated, in-office teeth whitening often is indicated for teeth that exhibit more of a yellow cast. Normally, staining occurs on teeth because of an exposure to chromogenic drinks such as cola, coffee, or tea or as the result of the aging process.

That is why you need to consult with a dentist about the benefits of in-office teeth whitening and if it is an option for you. Other cosmetic applications such as veneers may also be considered if peroxide-based whitening is not considered to be the best solution.