Keep Your Plumbing in Perfect Condition With a Plumber in Reno

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There are many reasons to contact a plumber in Reno including a clog in your sewer lines or a leak in the water lines. Either of these problems can be difficult to repair if an inexperienced homeowner makes the attempt. In the case of water leaks the homeowner could waste time looking for the problem when it could be solved quite easily by contacting a licensed plumber with the right tools for the job. Locating leaks in any plumbing system takes experience and some modern electronic tools that can detect the sounds made from water being pushed out of a pipe or broken connection.

Clearing clogs is a completely different function. Removing a clog from the line may be as simple as cleaning the pipe trap. This is a U or S shaped pipe generally connected directly below the sink that is used to keep sewage smells and gas from exiting the pipe. Unfortunately, it can also collect hair and grease or other items that block the drain. Tougher drain problems include blockages in the main sewer line. These can build up over time as the slow moving sewage drains through the pipes. To remove these types of clogs the Plumber in Reno will generally us a pipe snake or rooter tool to pierce the clog and start the water flowing.

It isn’t always easy to tell if the rooter completely removes the clog in your sewer line so your Plumber may suggest the use of a video snake. This device is similar to the rooter with the addition of a small video camera instead of an auger. This is great for inspecting clogs or determining the condition of sewer lines. In cases where the clog isn’t completely cleared your plumber may then suggest the pipes be cleaned.

Cleaning sewer pipes generally requires the use if a high pressure wash or hydro-jet system. This is similar to the washing systems used at the local car wash. It applies a jet of water to the inside of the pipes which knocks the gunk loose. The water from washing the system quickly flushes the waste down the sewer lines. You can find more about these different plumbing jobs by contacting a professional like Paschall Plumbing and Heating.