Contacting An Auto Accident Attorney In Long Island, NY For Assistance

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In New York, serious accidents that were produced by the irresponsible choice to drive while intoxicated leads to prosecution; it is these events that leads the victims to seek counsel from an Auto Accident Attorney in Long Island NY to help them. Accidents represent a two-sided coin. On one, side is the victim whose life has been turned upside down, and on the other is an individual whose poor decisions caused this trauma unnecessarily. When an accident involves DUI, the state steps in to fight for the victim; however, the need for an attorney to seek monetary damages to cover costs still exists.

What If the Driver was Impaired?

Drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated are charged according to the number of previous convictions in New York. A first-time conviction is a misdemeanor and requires fewer penalties than a felony; alternately, a second DWI conviction results in a class E felony. Any driver who chooses to drive while intoxicated and is involved in an automobile accident is subject to the penalties of two probable charges. Drunk-driving accidents that cause serious injuries or a fatality are increased to a vehicular assault, a class E felony. The charge results in an immediate jail sentence, fines, licenses suspension, and probation. According to these laws, if this driver is convicted of any additional DWI charges within the same ten-year period, his or her charges are increased to a class D felony.

Did the Driver have Insurance?

In New York, all drivers are required by law to carry three forms of automobile insurance. They include liability, no-fault, and uninsured motorists. Any driver who fails to maintain these policies is subject to fines for non-compliance, license suspension, and the DMV can impound their automobile.

In an accident where the at-fault driver was intoxicated, he or she is responsible for filing a claim through their liability insurance to cover expenses for the victim associated with the accident. However, the victim has the right to hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Long Island NY to recover any costs that were not covered completely. Siler and Ingber can provide these services.

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