Jacksonville, Fla Company Offers Software for Automotive Dealerships

Software Development Company

The Automotive Inventory Management Software that we at EverLogic have for your motor-vehicle dealership can make it more productive and responsive to the people you work with. Your inventory can be cars, trucks, SUVs and more.

EverLogic, which is for QuickBooks, is Intuit’s top-rated Automotive Inventory Management Software for motor-vehicle dealerships. Two of the ways this software we offer improves dealer operations are through the Parts Inventory and Unit Inventory modules.

Enjoy Pricing Accuracy With the Parts Inventory Module

An advantage of the Parts Inventory component is that it allows for easy price updating from your distributors and suppliers. It also allows placing orders online as well as customizing them seasonally. With automotive management software supplied by EverLogic, you’ll be able to track purchases, sales and adjustments. In addition, the software we offer lets you keep count of bin locations. That’s cost accounting made simple.

Keep Track of Almost Any Part or Product With the Unit Inventory Module

This module lets you and the employees at your automotive dealership keep track of anything that has a serial number. The software we make available to you keeps you informed about the status of your orders to manufacturers and suppliers. You’ll know when your dealership received them.

When you want a more organized automotive dealership, turn to us at EverLogic, a software development company based in Jacksonville, FL. The product we offer is QuickBooks-certified and cloud-based. We take care of all updates, maintenance and management for you.