It’s more Than Just Skips Reading Waste Management Companies Supply!

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Environment

Providing much more than just the rental of skips Reading based waste management companies help you to manage your own waste in an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible way.

When considering the hiring of skips in Reading folk often just look at the skip as an alternative to taking the waste down to the local tip themselves. However, by using a skip, the householder can be sure that the waste will be disposed of in the most appropriate way. In a highly regulated industry like waste management, operators are obliged to keep accurate records of how they handle various types of waste and these records are kept available for inspection by the regulatory bodies concerned.

Householders and proprietors of small businesses can be sure that by using a reputable skip hire and waste management company to dispose of their waste, they will not be subjected to investigation and possible legal action by their local authority as a result of disposing of their waste incorrectly.

Here’s just a few of the situations where a skip might be the best solution for the private customer or small business owner:

1. Clearing out the junk that we all accumulate over the years
2. Disposing of rubble and other waste during building works
3. Removing waste after demolishing a building
4. Moving unwanted soil and waste during landscaping work

When renting a skip you have the added benefit of being able to work at your own pace but it is important to clarify with the skip rental company just how many days are included in your quoted price as you may find yourself liable to an excess charge if you go over the allocated quota.

It is likely that there are also restrictions as to what may be put into the skip when you rent one, almost certain to be excluded are car tyres, asbestos and oil as these items require specialist disposal.

So, if it’s time for a clear out or if you are planning some building or landscaping work, now’s the time to talk to your local skip hire company.

It is important that your building site is kept orderly and free from waste, M. Collard Waste Management Services  offer a wide variety of skips in Reading for projects of all sizes.

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