Certified Well Testing Laboratory in Grants Pass, OR


There are different sources by which residential residents receive water. The first is through a public water source, which is maintained and regulated by the local government authorities and cleaned and purified before ever reaching residential homes. The other method is by domestic wells. In this method, the home has a well. There are different kinds of wells, and the water is pumped up from the ground. A well can serve more than one home on the same piece of property, but it is not considered a public drinking water source.

Services Offered

The well testing laboratory in Grants Pass, OR assists homeowners in making sure that their water is safe to drink. There are many contaminants which can be found in drinking water. Aluminum is a common substance found in drinking water. In small amounts it is not harmful, but it is not necessary, and too much can be harmful. Excess amounts of antimony can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is also considered a carcinogen. Visit website for  more details about the certified well testing laboratory in Grants Pass, OR.

Arsenic is a widely known contaminant and is known to be carcinogenic. Too much barium can cause barium poisoning. Boron, beryllium, cadmium, calcium, chromium, e.coli, fluoride, and iron are additional common contaminants which can cause health problems if the level in the water exceeds the recommended level. A well testing laboratory can offer homeowners information about the contents of their water.

Why use the Professionals?

The well testing laboratory offers a variety of packages to fit your individual needs. They understand all of the state and federal regulations when it comes to the quality of drinking water and how to treat the water, if required, to ensure quality. Water testing is highly recommended on a routine basis, but especially when the property is first purchased. Visit companies for more information.