Is the Police Officer Real or Not?


When you are targeted for discussion with a police officer, how can you instantly tell that they are legitimate and that you are not being scammed? The law enforcement apparel may give you clues, but there are more types of information that you can assess, should you ever be pulled over.

Understanding Police Vehicles and Police Officers

When a police officer stops you to talk to you or pulls you over on the highway, you are probably going to be convinced that they are real police officers, carrying out their duty. Nevertheless, there have been circumstances where impostors have been impersonating police officers for specific financial or other advantages.

The law enforcement apparel will almost certainly make you feel safe and continue to comply with the law, but you can carry out a few quick checks to ensure your safety.

What About the Vehicle?

In almost all circumstances, the police vehicle requiring you to pull over will be marked as a police car and will almost always have police officers inside wearing their law enforcement apparel.

Most of their vehicles are relatively new and within a small range of vehicle choices. Where you are unsure, you can call 911, providing the dispatcher with comprehensive information about you and your vehicle and ask them to carry out a check to see if the police vehicle is real, by offering the license plate, model and make of the vehicle.

Although it may appear unfriendly, learning how the law enforcement apparel presents in your area may be important to you one day. While civilians can find ways of ordering police uniforms, you can contact 911 to clarify that the person you are talking to is a real police officer and ask them to clarify their identity.

All law enforcement officers are required to show you their badge, should you make the request and this will never be refused by a serving police officer wearing law enforcement apparel, even though they may not enjoy you challenging their identification.